Support For Yiynova Tablets

I have a Yiynova DP10U, and when I tried using Synfig, the pressure sensitivity didn’t work.

Does Synfig support Yiynova Tablets? Or is this an unrelated issue.
If the issue is the former, then it would be nice if it were remedied at some point.
If the latter, then I’ll look into it somewhere else.

Either way, Please let me know.

Which is the Operating System where you’re running Synfig Studio?
Does other applications (Gimp, Inkscape) recognize pressure sensitivity?
What’s the message that responds to the Device Input Settings menu in Synfig Studio?
Can you reach the Device Dialog?

It is extremely difficult to give support to one specific device (that many few people owns) if you don’t give details of your trial process with your current setup.