Suggestions for synfig

Checking on Blender’s 2.8 success, I got excited to learn from them and thought such a wonderful app like Synfig has the potential feature-wise to be popular. So I’d thought I’d leave some suggestions that I’d thought might help.

  1. When blender prioritized on UX for 2.8, it started attracting big companies support. If people got a good experience in using an app they like, they’ll begin to share about it, and userbase increases. Even if you’ve got tons of features, if people can’t even learn to use it, then that would be such a waste.
  2. Bugs and performance issues - I know synfig is focusing hard on this one, but just thought I’d still mention it.
  3. Productivity - Imagine using Synfig cutting a person’s working time from 3-6months to just a few days, who wouldn’t want to use such an application? That’s how many good programs succeeded, because people who used it where able to save a lot of time and that’s why they fall in love with it.

I hope you like my suggestion. That’s all.

I know while Synfig has a lot of features close to MOHO and Toon Boom Harmony, it also lacks a lot of stuffs, but I suggest focus on these three first, then start marketing, I believe userbase will increase, once the primary needs are addressed, and with that support as well.