Suggestions for future challenges

because people keep mentioning them, and if I don’t write them down I forget them…

repeating motion/incredible machine
How realistic can you get? (e.g. Genete’s sailboat)
Falling snow
What happens in front of examples/backdrop.sifz?
‘La Linea’ type animation - character made from a bline
Graphics for the synfig wiki/website (e.g. download icons, etc) - which ones?
“Cuteness overload” (thanks rore)
Motion blur
Abstract ‘powerpoint’ type slide backgrounds
Recreate your favourite movie scene.
Combining animation and video capture - like or Jedi’s pencil.

  • A candle in the wind (by night hopefully)
  • Car on a bumpy road from the side
  • Dancing skeleton
  • Electric spark (High voltage)
  • Flying letters
    flying bird
    draw/animate something from your town, or close to it
    To animate a character that lifts some heavy object.

Feel free to add to the thread and I’ll summarize at the top.

Done - Looping background
Done - Every single layer in one picture
Done - Stick figure animation - like Evilkillerfiggin’s
Done - Bouncing ball
Done - Spaceships/Aliens

I can definitely recommend stickman animations - they’re great fun and something those of us with short attention spans actually have a hope in hell of finishing.

But I have an observation: rather than simply saying you have to include an alien or spaceship, other such challenges (like the BWC for blender users) give you a theme or sentence to start from, which you can take in any direction you want. Eg, the BWC this year was ‘A Moment in Time’. I spectacularly failed to make an entry ;_;

The other option is to restrict how you’re allowed to do it - eg, the one about only using circles, or Only using silhouettes/stickmen. Both these methods let the participants put their own slant on the contest.

The “use only” challenge was already done. Circles was the theme.
I have a suggestion:

Create a looping background. This is a common task like the walk cycle and should let the intermediate users to test their skills.


How about a short “La Linea” style animation?


Should we make a wiki page about this?

I’d like to see some challenge involving motion blur or one of the other blurs.

Another one might be to use every single layer type in one image.

  • A candle in the wind (by night hopefully)

  • Bouncing ball

  • Car on a bumpy road from the side

  • Dancing skeleton

  • Electric spark (High voltage)

  • Flying letters

  • A Pencil (magically) writing a Letter

Something from :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:

I propose a new splash screen for September. I would like to do it before but I guess that a lot of people will be on vacations during August.

I plan to do a new release ASAP. :slight_smile:

Draw/animate a popular song.

Write a Synfig tutorial :wink: (preferably about a barely documented feature / including a barely documented feature)

hy on this link to the post where I add my propousal to have a Vimeo Group and Channel on Vimeo,
[Synfig in web 2.0)
while writing I tought could be great to have a contest to realize the Synfig Banner or Header for the Vimeo-group.
The topic I think should be open source and community ( Synfig and the web 2.0 group).
From the uploaded amterial we could aniway refresh the archive with some new banner-images to promote the software.
ciao Alice aka Head Squatter

I think it’s already march and there should be a challenge this month. My Idea was a challenge for a turning face. From Side to front. I don’t really know if this makes sense, but it would be interesting if somebody finds a smart solution for this problem.

What do you think? Any better propositions?

I vote for that too!

Create some cartoon flame effect: … 8522#88522

  • 1 for the flame.

I’d propose a music video: pick any tune legally available (eg from and let your imagination flow on the melody.

quiet lipsync game!

how about ‘Particle Challenge’? it’s pretty fun play with particles and many things can be done with them, flames, rains, snow, mist, grass, smoke, numbs, crazy effects, fishes, bees, mosquitoes and so

lighting effects! i would like to see how people makes their character look shaded or how they would illuminate an scene with fake lights

Dragon animation, I’d say.

I’d say it would be a good way to attract more people to the forum if we publicized the challenges more broadly (at least the ones for splash images or so). Maybe in some other forums like any from or some anime forums.
I don’t know if they would consider that spam, but I’m sure there is people hanging out around there who would enjoy joining our challenges but just don’t know about them.