suggestion for synfig

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An animation maker that requires an animation tool between flash and Moho. There are flash fast drawing function, there are Moho vector animation. Unlike boon animator toom, it is too complicated and industrialized. I love this open source synfig. I hope it will become more and more powerful, and finally like today’s blender, has been a perfect function of the 3D software. And can be applied to work. I use flash more, with three or four years, and other 2D software also understand a little.
1 operational recommendations
First operation of shortcuts to and flash and PS as, at least some common VIBROPLEX key to be the same, because the software of choice, after all, is the flash user more.
For example, hold down the CTRL can become a rubber mouse support tool, hold down the ALT color,
Sometimes, a quick draw is more important than the amount of the right amount of animation, Moho in terms of vector animation to do very good, bad is his painting function is too difficult to accept, the poor efficiency of the drawing is not as simple as flash. And flash has excellent drawing function, but in the vector cartoon animation is always stuck in the deformation of animation, the calculation of deformation animation is not ideal.
2 vector line animation
Such as the above, vector paint painter, generally is the pencil draft scanned into the computer, by using the vector map software “line” and “mouse” adjustment so synfig to provide such as flash as easy to use straight line drawing tools, and mouse setter, itself the rendering can produce less anchor, and between the key frames just adjust anchor can easily calculate the animation.
In addition to 2D animation will generally draw shadow on the graph, such as a person’s face, draw a shadow boundary, the pale flesh filled into the light, dark color filled to make shadows on the other side of the line. The boundary line itself is a Bessel curve, the habit of drawing in this figure, the hope that in the calculation of the frame will be a good time to follow the line of the shadow of change (if the flash in the animation will be calculated with the deformation is very bad).
Looking at other posts, I think skeletal tools you are developing. I really want synfig to have bone tools.
Also hope to provide a simple and easy to use as library “flash” function, just open the synfig, it is not find library.
3 a skeleton library and graphics combination of ideas.
Most animation, repeat and it is more difficult to draw the head, blinking and other actions, and this kind of action is widely used in various roles.
So, it is recommended to make a skeleton tool (or frame tool), with the skeletal framework to do a good job, and then draw a good face, facial features are placed in this framework, automatic completion of the animation, and as long as the facial features material for a look, a new figure of the rotor function is completed. Greatly improve the efficiency.
4 animation material length adjustment idea
Moho and flash have a disadvantage, that is clearly a complete action material, just need part of this action, but had to re create a new element, and then re adjust the action key frame to do a new material. For example, I do a good job of a person to take off the hat and take off the clothes, but this animation, I just want to take off the hat on the end.
Whether this set of material can be placed in the animation scene, like effect affter, to shorten the length of the material layer to make it easy to make this action animation? For example, I just want to let it play a 28 frame stop, 29 frame for another material.
If you fit the bone frame library just said, it will be a way to improve the efficiency of production.
5 little advice
Bessel curve adjustment of the pull rod, do not have to do so great, a small point, the visual comfort point, if you want to adjust the point, the mouse, the point is increased, OK?
Floating window above the bar is too large, I think you can remove the right side of the four boxes, anyway, generally do not know what it is doing.