Subjet edited ¬¬, Howdy Sgnif! :D

Hey, i’m “Zariox” Or that’s just my nick, anyways, I bought a new wacom a few days ago, and a friend told me: “Hey, you should download that program…hm…sinfog or something like it, for animation” I’ve never done an animation, it’s bad to say to yourself, but I think I draw well (is what I was doing, draw on my old wacom) but to get the most out of it I downloaded Synfig, so…,
my name is Nicolas and I am delighted to join the forum and the program.

Hai :3! :wink:

Ah, sorry, for see my art you should just ask me…I didn’t uploaded it to internet 'cause I got the internet this week, so I will upload it as soon possibly.

Hi Zariox,
welcome tot he forums. Please let us know about your progresses with Synfig!