Style test for longer animation

Hello all, just wanted to share a bit of a work in progress. I’ve been looking for a style of animation that I can quickly make a lot of animation without much difficulty. I think I’ve found it. It’s basically a lazy cut out style, similar to style used in an old animation called King Rollo.

I’ve still got a couple of issues. If anyone can help would be great, although I can work around them if theres not a solution.

First problem is with the characters far arm, detailed in previous post (link below) Basically it’s encapsulated with the upper body which is great for controlling position and rotation etc. However it does mean that it appears in front of the legs. I’ve got round this by just making sure the torso covers up where the arm swings in front of the leg.


Other issue; (not really an issue) is with the mouth. I’m currently using Papagayo to create a .lst file and using imported images I’d prefer to have smooth transitions between the mouth shapes. I know I could trace them with a bline to get smooth transitions, but is there a way to have a .lst file control a vector shape or any other good solution to this.

Also if anyone’s got any other suggestions for the animation style I’d welcome feedback.

The simple answer to the arm thing is either to place it under your leg layers in the layers list or adjust the “z level” param. That allows you to move things up and down on the canvas while keeping them in place.

It might help you out to look at the post I made here and download the “paperdoll” file. All you need do is plug in whatever you want the character to look like… well, have a look, I bet there are a few things you might find useful (including where I put arm layers!).


You can use Papagayo as reference and using keyframes obtain a smooth interpolation.