Stroke animation

Nobody has told me that you can easily animate strokes in synfig :smirk:


Nice! :upside_down_face: There are a few ways to do this but which technique did you use?

I just used advanced outline layer for text animation and the “link to spline” feature and animated the pen across the text.

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You should do a tutorial :smiley:

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Sure, why not. I’ll make a tutorial and post it on youtube soon. :grinning:

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I was waiting on your tutorial, but it’s taking too long, so I created one :upside_down_face:


This is an excellent tutorial😀. Sorry for keeping you waiting as I wasn’t able to record the tutorial as of now owing to my busy schedule. But your tutorial explains the method perfectly. It’s awesome.

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Thank you! I would never have been inspired to create it if it wasn’t for you :grin: so hats off to you