strange sound issues

Hey guys, I am new to synfig and like it very much already!

I am doing the video tutorial, and when I try add sound file to the animation, it will do a strange loop, and when I try and add a bit delay, it will get faster instead. Not sure how to describe:

  • import wave file
  • play sound
  • sound will be played nicely
  • increase delay from 0 to 16 (for example)
  • play sound
  • sound will start later (okay) but also it is faster (not okay) and a part of it is repeated in the wrong place
  • for example “hello there, how are you doing?” will become “hello there, o there, how are you doing?”
  • even more strange: when I press “pause” button and resume, then the speed will be okay again.

This was very confusing, because I try and align the animation of the character’s mouth with the text that is said, but this way, the text is said at the wrong times. However, when I open the wave file in external player, it is still playing nicely.

Any workaround?

This bug happens to me randomly.

I reboot Synfig and it goes well.

Please open an issue in the synfig bugtracker (how to report bug)

You can have a look to jack audio connection

Thanks. Here is the bug report: … issues/946

We are looking for more people to test the following on Win7 for example.
Interesting is also, how many processors has the machine you are testing on?

  1. Download sound.wav:
    Then in Synfig do this:

Thanks and please report here or in the bugtracker

When tested with Win7 64bit 4core I got the following results when playing the sound.wav imported normally without delays, or anything:

  • "Hello there, o there, how are you doing (3x)
  • "Hello there, ere, how are you doing (7x)

The sound should just say “Hello there, how are you doing” as heard in other soundplayer. It is a strange way maybe the multicore multithreading operates. Also confirmed the win8 observations from above - sound gets played faster, etc.