Storyboarding best method.

Hello. I was wondering what is the best way to organize you storyboard/animatics. Sometimes I have trouble keeping it organized when I need to jump back to shots I’ve already used (does this alooottt!)

thx in advance =)

Interesting question… and complicated answer. :laughing:

I make storyboard drawing like comics (GIMP works really well for that) and writing comments in important frames: camera moves, feelings, happenings…

When I finish my actual animation, I’ll post the storyboards that I used.

Organize animatics could be complex in actual Synfig system. I don’t test te option of multples canvas, so I make everything in just one. I don’t know if it could be like have multiples scenes.

I try to organize my animation in two main point: objects and layer (not Synfig layers).

Objects could be simples or complex (characters, etc). I try to mantain a hierarchical organization.

Layers. It’s the z-view of the scenes. So, I try to mantain that order in my Synfig representation. That makes a bit easy to search, hide/show, etc.

And, for last, an intensive use of grouping is basic or you’ll die… :slight_smile:

For this method of work, the problem is that Synfig has z-order at group level not. So, if you want to change the order of an object that is grouped could be really complex. You’ll need to duplicate the object outside… but…

I sketch my storyboards on my ipad or just by hand and import or scan the thumbnails as png in my synfig storyboardtemplate which is a derivate of my synfig switchlayertemplate. In its current state the storyboardtemplate can contain 180 drawings which I can browse using the menu on the canvas without going thru hundreds of layers or sets. I can also render a slideshow without to much fuzz and easily add or delete drawings.

I actually use Zelgadis’ Remake method (with Remake software). Basically, just creating storyboards, storing it in “Storyboards” section, then creating animatics in Blender. :laughing:

As for swiftly creating storyboards and organizing? I use David Revoy’s method with Krita and gThumb:

Thanks all =)

What I am reallllyy having trouble with is lableing them. right now, I am labeling them something like this:


Each picture would have their own lable like this depending on which scene and shot. The problem with this way is if I’m reusing frames and it can be a hassle trying to tell when i need to get to a different shot.

Any suggestions?

In that case, I think the best method would be to try separating the “scenes” into folders. Such as Scene 1 folder, Scene 2, etc. That’s because they’ll be compiled later in the animatic anyway.

This way, you can always have the freedom to name your storyboards as “S0004”, etc. :mrgreen: