Storyboard and Planning Software

Anyone here use Celtx to develop story boards and screen plays?

I don’t but I want to.

that’s great! 8)

i just use clear text files

i also have some old pocket pc that i carry with me so i can write down / draw immediately everything i think off

I tried using Celtx but it’s too complicated for my taste. But then I mostly do shorter pieces. For longer films or series I think it would be great!
Now I use Zim for pretty much everything; project management, stories, personal notes, well, just about every piece of text I’ve got.
It’s just as fast with hundreds of pages as with just one, the amount of notes doesn’t seem to bog it down. And you got fast search for just about anything in your notes.
Can’t be recommended enough.
Also keeping the notes in dropbox so I got my notes at all machines.

I’ve used Zim before, but I could never figure out a good workflow to organise my information and Ideas. I think it’s a great piece of software though. Any suggestions? How do you go about using it for your projects?

I just discovered and it looks fun for story telling… I was of plan to try it for storyboarding too… anyone else?

Played around with celtx, seems to be very powerful, I plan to give it a try with my next project(s)…

Zim is a local wiki… so, as said already: all structure/process must be developed by the user.
But I like the idea of gathering ideas by using a wiki, maybe later switch to celtx (when starting w/ scenes and storyboarding).

storyjumper seems to be very limited … to just story development and max. 16 pages.
Might be good for a first draft of a story with some visualization, but would then move to celtx for more details.