still not sorted out..falling rain

Hello everyone,

i might be asking too much, but who knows maybe my message in a bottle could get an answer.
I have tried to create falling rain , a cartoonish one not realistic , but somehow it didn’t work.

Could anyone show me with examples how to do that using frame by frame animation…I can’t go down the particles route because I simply can’t understand its technicalities , at least for the time being…as I am a newbie :blush: .

I would really love to be shown a very very simple way to do it if that is possible…and I will be forever grateful


A simple cartoon like rain can be done changing quickly two or three images of the rain alternatively. The more tedious part is to create the rain images.


Yeah, I know that and I did it , it’s just that the result is not very good so i 'd like to see some example and then i could create my own . It’s giving me a headache. :frowning:

Hello keyboard74
You can do it with Noise gradient. I made an example, very simple :
rain.sifz (1.11 KB)

Thanks a lot mad0… I am extremely grateful for your help. Your sample taught me something new in a very simple way…better than any tutorial.
However, I can’t see how I can add this gradient noise to an existing scene with different colours. :unamused:
what i am in fact trying to achieve is a believable animation of falling big drops same as in cartoons using three frames.
I hope I’ll get it right someday…


Hello keyboard74,

I don’t understand very well, in my example the noise gradient is white/transparent, so it can be added over a scene with differents colours.
But it’s just simple rain, not a believable animation of falling big drops :wink:
However, the basic principle can probably be improved !

Thanks mad0, i copied it and added it to my animation and it worked… how stupid of me! :blush: …I thought I needed to add Noise gradient + modifications to my background.

You’re great thanks.

And if you wanna try something a little more complex you could follow the tutorial … _Animation (by Bootye)