Still image made with Synfig

It is perfect in all senses.

Very good, I like it!
Background is a bit lonely, though. Some oak trees wouldn’t hurt, I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks, G.!!

The client thought so too, lol, so an oaktree and some mushroom houses are in the works. :smiley:

Perfect, a big fan of your artworks :smiley:

Nice one … what about the red hat lutin picking seeds following first lutin holed bag ?

that’s a point :wink: … waiting to see the mushrooms…

I like so much, darkspace65.

Those characters are great.

About the background, I think that is seems isolated (void) because the rigth zone. I’d test with a faraway mountain, forest and clouds.

The foreground grass doesn’t work. I’d test with different color. And I’d put a big leaf (or maybe a acorn?) silhouette as the main foreground.

Great work (as usual :mrgreen: ).

Great idea!! I should have thought to do that! :mrgreen:

Thanks. All valid comments, for sure. Overlay will probably be a fallen tree or a trunk of some kind. BG will be forest and maybe mushroom village to the right. You are correct. Have to fix the overlay grass. Rendered color does not seem to correspond with the one in Synfig.
He, Fenix, guess it’s time to brush up our grease pencil skills. 8)

I remember a lot time ago that happens to me. In my case, I think that it was the Cairo PNG  output. I remember that I was getting an output of an animation with Cairo PNG and in other rendering session I change it to normal PNG and so... disaster.  :laughing: 


But I need martians days. In Earth the days are too short! Forgot martians days… I need live in Mercury! :laughing: