Stickman animation

Hello, everyone!

I am marveled at the quality of Synfig and the animations I have found around the web. However, as with most quality software, using its full potential takes a lot of time to learn. I was wondering if there are any Linux alternatives to Synfig for animating a simple stickman animation (maybe something like Pivot or Stykz). I am asking because I would like to show my family a little animation I have planned for Christmas.

I appreciate any helpful ideas you may have!

Well, it depends on how complex you want the animation to be but you can check Pencil. You need to draw each frame to make the animation or copy keyframes and make its variations.
But, isn’t stikz available for linux?

You are better off figuring out how to work synfig if you like it. It will take you just as long (or longer) to learn the same tricks in pencil.

A stick man in synfig is very simple. I’m sure people here could solve your problems for you.

What did you need to do? A stickman and a background?

Not yet. The “public beta coming soon” announcement has been on the site for almost a year. So I guess their “soon” definition is somewhat loose. [Note that I’m not complaining! I highly respect and thank anyone devoting their time to FOSS!]

I not only like Synfig; I love the community too. I would prefer working in Synfig rather than Pencil. I’ve glanced some stickman template from the Morevna project and it seems a little complex. Granted, I haven’t really studied the thing, I’ve only spent a few minutes on it.
My goal, given the few days I have until X-mas, is a really, really simple stickman walking with a background setting (a little like those old Hanna-Barbera cartoons where the character is walking and a repetitive background is shown). I think the technical term might be “stickman sprites” (sorry, I’m just a newbie).

I’m not really asking about technical stuff like sprites; I’m pretty good finding that kind of information on the net. My ultimate question is: “is this extremely small and simple project doable in less than 6 hours with zero previous experience with Synfig?”

My only experience with animation is lurking this forum for some months without really learning anything. Kind of just marveling at what you guys do without even starting the program!

Yes. Very. Start by looking at “synfig tutorial” search on youtube. I think there might be exactly as you are looking for.

My screen capture didn’t work :frowning: I showed you how to do it and it took me less than 4 mins. I’ve never even done it before.

There, here’s how.

Wow! That was extremely nice of you!
Thank you very very much!!

[I can’t see the tutorial right now because I’m at the office but I’ll do it later tonight]