stick figures

How do i create stick figures in synfig studio? It’s not working for me with B-Lines…

You can do it in two ways:

  1. Using Outline Layers (BLines): just be sure to hide the tangent ducks before manipulate it and during bline creation (use ALT-3 to toggle show tangent ducks.
  2. Using any kind of shapes (Polygon, Images, Regions, Outlines or what ever you want) and move them by rotating the limbs using the cut-out animation technique -->

I think the first one is the more reliable.


i don’t get your first way to make a stickfigure. The problem is, i add a few vertexes, then i have this:

Then i want to add a vertex, without the line that will be drawed… It’s hard to tell what my problem is, but hopefully you understand (and I’m very new to synfig studio, i started today :smiley: ).

I see you’re online. Can you join to IRC? … kname_here

This is the conversation Wessel and I maintained to solve the question of this post. I hope it could help to any other new user.


That is great! Thank you for the step-by-step.
But the lines are still seperate. When I move one Origin duck, the vertices go seperate ways. Is there a way to avoid it, and group/combine the blines to keep this from happening?

Moving Origins of different layers produces an Offset of the just linked ducks. All the Origins should remain static or move the same. Usually is better to select all the layers and make right click -> encapsulate and then move the origin of the encapsulate layer to move all the layers at the same time.
To animate your stick figure you have to move the vertices ducks not its origins.

If you need specific help it is better to ask directly with a sample file. It would allow us help you in a better way.
Also try to drop by the IRC channel and obtain direct help from me and other users.