Std Menubar and Toolbar

coming… not that soon you excepted :mrgreen:

Nice cartoon man. I think he needs a nose. :slight_smile:

But what am I looking at? Is it the bar just above the ruler? Give some info for us who may not be so in the know.

And on any other point… Hello to you in China! I LOVE the international characteristic of open-source software. I played OTTD for years and have never even met another north american! lol


I am doing UI improvements for Synfig Studio, this time Genente and I have agreed on the strategy which is to use standard menu and tool bar for canvas window as its first step.

Hello to you too. It so great to meet you here in Synfig Forum,
Really like which you show us, looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

But happy time is on going! Good luck!

It’s very exciting to see this happening. Well done!

Will the standard toolbar be dockable along the side of the canvas window as it in in Inkscape? I would find this useful so I could maximise the vertical resolution available to me.

Hi Dave!
I know that it is exciting but we should leave Jcome do the steps in the proper order. The plan is to in a first step add the minimum extra functionality to the current widgets but get them docked all together in a single window, despite that it might look ugly in the meantime. Later, when the docking issue has been solved there would be the widget review and the improvements in functionality.

So the first steps consist on:

  1. Get back the main menu to be visible as standard at Canvas window
  2. Fuse Toolbox with Canvas window as well as their menus so canvas window should have a left re-sizable panel (it could imply catch the resize event and reorder the icons accordingly but it’s not mandatory)
  3. Move the tool options panel below the docked toolbox, docked at the main window
  4. Re-dock the rest of docks in a bottom-horizontal and right-vertical panels inside the canvas window.

Later we can start to implement all the wishes that Jcome has already designed. :slight_smile:


good work jcome !
This news announce another hours of search&replace in the doc !
A very good news indeed …
Genet : Two points of subversion + a new hair cut for the splash girl ?


I don’t fully understand… Do you mean to raise two version numbers in the release and enable new splash?


a little progress

Should we keep the current “Caret Menu”?

if to keep it enabled you need to track unwanted menu definitions or it carries complicated stuff around, remove it. Otherwise leave it around and remove it when you’re fully sure that the other version is working.

In any case remove large pieces of code only if you’re sure that they aren’t used anywhere to prevent bugs in further commits. In case of doubt, comment or apply a macro directive to no use it.

Fantastic screenshot!!!

two minor subversion was a kind of joke

something like :synfig_haircut_and_redress_splash.png


Looks great!

If you mean only the little arrow then I think you can remove it. If it also involves removing right click menu then definitely not.

Yes, right-click/popup menu will be the same as it is in current system.

toolbar is coming as well :slight_smile: And you were warned: don’t expect it will achieve the usable stage soon.

Awesome, totally awesome. :slight_smile:

If toolbar will be implemented then we can freely resize canvas window again (in current state we cannot set window width smaller than the width of button line at the top). ^___^

I am trying my best to introduce a better solution than inkscape (I hope so :mrgreen: ), as Genete mentioned, the first step is to have a standard menubar and toolbar. please give me time, I am totally new in programing.

Yes, see the attached the canvas window containing the type_canvas_icon.sif one in attached screenshot :slight_smile:
The standard menubar and toolbar is almost there.

BE INFORMED: The dialogues between fish and duck is just joking, I am one of those who agreed on Synfig Studio Terms Renaming

I love your cartoons Yu - it would be so nice to see your duck and fish animated one day!

resize canvas window again
So terribly so excellent…

Take alllll your time … else the doc sprint will be transformed in doc marathon :slight_smile:

JCome, do you plan to subdivise the toolbar panel , for example in the way of ooo / libo : formatting bar / time bar / rendering bar ? , So the interface of the canvas be more adaptive


Nota: Very nice illustration !

Dock-able toolbox prototype:

Fantastic work!

О_О Awesome!