Status of project

Just out of curiousity, is the project still moving on? The website shows the last post on August 18th.


Project was suspended for 4 months because of personal issues. Now we’re back on track. :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s going!
If only I could figure out how to do something amazing with synfig.
Anyway what exactly is the style supposed to be? anime? The slow-motion test the style looks different the characters that is then the other parts of it that I’ve seen. But in a good way. It actually looks more detailed now. Or in the test.

We are trying to be as close to anime style as possible. In anime minor (and mostly evil) characters are often drawn in style close to US comics books. That’s why our soldiers in slo-mo test look like that.

I can’t wait to see how it finally turns out. It looks very interesting.

Sorry for the double post but how is the project doing? I really look forward to seeing more updates about the project.

Hi, doomonyou!
The project is not dead, but the progress is slow. Partially due to complexity of the project, partially due the lack of personal free time.
For example, the main animatic for the demo isn’t finished yet, it’s status estimated as 85% done. After it will be finished, the main priority will me keyframe drawing and we will fully depend on the keyframe animators on this stage. We have two talented keyframe animators, who are working on the project in their personal free time too, so it’s hard to estimate when the process will be finished. Anyway, we are moving and that’s good. Unfortunately, I haven’t much time to post the updates to the project blog, but you can watch some activity from the Underground Feed. I know, that it’s not shows much, but at least you can see that something is happening. ^___^"
Thank you for your interest!