Standardized tutorials and video channel

Hi all,

I’d like to use this thread to work out a way to standardize the “official videos” for the website and the wiki.

There is apparently a google+ account synfig already has. We could use that to host tutorial video.

I would be happy to do work on this.

We need a priority list for BASIC tutorials and and standard format to make them by. Standard length (eg 2 mins) and standard presentation (eg 1280x720 with narration).

Just putting this all out there.

Thank you very much for taking care on this.

I suggest to do not start to record anything until the rename change is made. After renaming there will be a new binary release so it could be used for recording.

It would be good to to define a header of the video tutorial and the structure of information for each tutorial so it can be easily to identify the content of the video tutorial, the intended audience, the Synfig’s version and the author of the tutorial (and anything else?). Create a template for that (possibly made with Synfig) would be great.

Also the format of recording (aspect size and frames per second) would be needed to define.

There are some tutorials that the camera focus the mouse, other just focus on a small area of the interface and others grabs the mouse clicks and the keyboard strokes. I guess that each type of tutorial would need different approaching but it would be interesting to know if there is any preference on that.

Which is the best software to use to record tutorials?

Regarding to Google+ accounts and rights, if anyone wants to take care of this, please let me know (as I mentioned in other post) and I’ll add as administrator.


Any input on recording software is welcome.

I think it is safe to work on a five second intro that will be common to all tutorials. Ideas for that. We can also make an ending info screen advertising the website and forum.

We also could us a list of topics to cover so they can be scripted and the needed objects drawn in advance.

Never used one, but i suggest to choose one with keyboard/mouse click down option and magnify glass like.

maybe a call for a next challenge ?

Something like :
“Realize a short (5s) intro and outro for synfig video tutoriel using (nice &) advanced synfig animation capacities”

What do all the parameters do?How many parameters are there?
Also a tutorial that explains interpolation.

Perhaps Maintaining a list in this thread is a good idea:

Tutorial index:

General Into to Synfig
Tools window
Params widow
Layers and how they work +encapsulation
Animate mode
Time loop

Maybe that will trigger ideas for people. I would also like to have 5second gifs embedded into the wiki that show each tool in use. The smooth move tool for example made no more sense to me after reading the wiki than before. But a gif of it make it obvious.

How about a tutorial database like this on a custom html video player … -tutorials