Split tangents automatically

Is it possible to set it somewhere, for tangents to be splited automatically when bline is being drawn, or else I have to open menu on each vertice with right mouse click and choose “split tangents” which is becoming annoying on more complex drawings!

Not that I know of. But you can shift-move a tangent and it will automatically split for you. :slight_smile:

Nope, when I try shift moving tangent, console output is: shift-drag-tangent doesn’t work in bline tool yet…

Strange… Which version of Synfig studio are you running? Also which OS?
It does work here in 0.63.05.

Split tangents by the shift drag is not implemented yet during Bline creation. You have to do it afterwards or right click the tangent or the vertex and select “Split tangent”.

Strange, I have 0.63.05.

And shift drag the tangent when bline is already created and still get this message.

Now I am on Windows machine, will test this out later on Mac and Linux too.

But anyway right clicking does work so it isn’t such a problem.

The problem is that I have to click each time I create new vertice(I am just used to, that all other graphics applications where I have used paths: Blender, Inkscape and Gimp does split tangents automatically, so maybe that is the reason why I don’t like that tangents are merged by default in Synfig, but I think it would be very nice feature to have in next version of synfig :smiling_imp: - to have at least ability to set if bline should have merged or split tangents by default on creation! At least for me it is much easier to work with the path where tangents are split =) )

OK, tested functionality in AVLinux, OSX 10.7.4 and another machine with Windows XP. Can confirm, that… functionality is working CORRECTLY on all three instances! Strange, for some reason that one PC is special =) and shift drag does not work! Anyway then the situation is clear! (I won’t go deeper in research than just will reinstall synfig on that particular machine and will post the result)

Glad you got it sorted out (sort of). :slight_smile:

Yes, reinstalling did help! Now Synfig works correctly! And, yeah, if I can use shift drag, then it’s not bad at all and I don’t lose efficiency a lot. Thanks for the help! :wink: