Split Animations

Say that I have an animation with two circles that move back and forth, across the canvas, together. They were created by:
1) Creating a small circle.
2) Duplicate circle layer.
3) Drag new circle, by its origin handle, down so that it is under the original circle.
4) Turn on animate mode.
5) Move to 2s time position.
6) Select both circles’ origins and drag them to the opposite side of the canvas.
7) Move to 4s time position.
8) Right-click first keyframe and duplicate it.

What would be the best (or some) possible way(s) to isolate the animation of only one of the circles, while keeping both circles within the same view (so that I can manipulate them relative to each other)?
In other words… I would like to be able to change the timing of only one of the circles. But I need both of the circles in the viewport, while editing, so that I can see them relative to each other. I know that I could just drag a waypoint, for this simple example, however I am working with much more complex animations and I am having difficulty changing the lengths of “sub-animations” within my project, without disturbing the “other animations”.

I’m trying to achieve the effect of a keyframe that is bound to only one object;
I’ve tried placing one of the circle layers into a Group layer and then exporting that to a new canvas… then I’m really lost.[/size]

Thank you.

Put both circles in a separate group and change the speed parameter in the group parameters panel?

Hi! Thanks for the reply (and greetz!). That may work. I’m after something a little more UX-friendly. Here is a link to a video that (somewhat) demonstrates the issue. (although it may just be a bug in the new dev 1.1.8 release)

My problem is that I have tied a lot of different objects/layers to particular keyframes. So much, so that the keyframes are virtually meaningless to me now. Since they “store all parameters for all layers” I’m SOL. It seems like having a keyframe per object (or group layer) could make sense. I just don’t understand how marrying the states of ALL objects, at a particular point in time, has any general value to an animator.

I can’t think of a single instance where I would (personally) want a keyframe to behave like it is documented. That’s just me though… I’m not trying to knock Synfig or its devz in any way (mad props, synfig seems to be the best thing going – even if OpenToonz is “open” now!) I am just trying to figure out the least complicated workflow for animations.

I have little-to-no previous experience and there seems to be a chasm (in video tutorials and typed-text alike) for going from beginner to Beginner =]


I have problem reading this video , vlc,totem,ffplay … (actually using an old computer … but i don’t think it’s the problem)

[matroska @ 0x81f9a60]Unknown entry 0xF0

Seems stream 0 codec frame rate differs from container frame rate: 48.00 (48/1) -> 23.98 (24000/1001)
    Last message repeated 19 times

finally i saw the video of the bug … i will try to reproduce and this case submit an issue… (also a “like” the std::execption when you export the canvas !)