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I have some troubles with the spline tool I cannot joint and make the polygon move with the circle. In the canvas what is the button that I have to push to make the polygon joint and follow the route to the spline, have to do?
I work with the 0.64.1 in synfig and Windows 8
Isn´t more in the momento please help me with spline tool

Hello again:

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Please follow the instructions here:


Do you have 1, 2 or 3 problems?

  • You can’t close a spline?
  • You can’t make that a shape follow other shape?
  • You can’t make a shape follow a path (a open spline)?

See the wiki, both in spanish and english, and if you still have problems with a step in the wiki, come back and tell

Tienes 1, 2 o 3 problemas?

  • ¿No puedes cerrar un spline?
  • ¿ No puedes hacer que una forma siga a otra forma?
  • ¿ No puedes hacer que una forma siga un camino (un spline abierto)?

Por favor revisa el manual del wiki, si tienes algún problema con un tutorial específico regresa y coméntalo

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