Spline region and outline behaves strangely


I’m working on a character animation. At some point I started to have the following problem: When I move, scale or rotate the outline or region, some vertices move to some random place. Here is the attached video of what I mean: youtube.com/watch?v=OfqKUsX … e=youtu.be
Also when I move the “crazy” vertex it doesn’t go where I want it to. I have to note that it happens only to some outlines and regions.

I run Synfig on Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit, 7.8 GB memory, 2.3 GHz Intel CPU.

If necessary I can share the file though I not sure about the file extension. :confused:

Please share the file to discard some bad file format.
Are you using a tablet or a mouse?

Here is the file. I’m using mostly wacom bamboo tablet but sometimes laptop touch panel.
Synfig Animation 1.sifz (835 KB)