Spline distortions

Hi eb,
I created this animation with Synfig:

In some sections of the animated line it seems that slight distortions of the line can be seen at the points where the line advances.

In reality they are barely noticeable.
I wonder if there is a way to prevent such small distortions from occurring in the right end of the advancing line.

I followed this video:
Synfig for beginners: 62 - Write On Text

Thanks to @Khemardi for the tutorial.

In Khemardi’s video the Cusp After Flat is used.
I used Cusp After Rounded.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Not an expert, but I think the “distortions” are caused by tiny turns in the path? I think if you delete a few unnecessary nodes and smooth it out a bit, they could disappear.

(Btw imo it’s also perfectly usable as-is, looks fine to me)