Spelling on UI: capital character usage for non first word

I know, this is a minor thing, but lets have a comparison with inkscape:

We should unify ours, shouldn’t we? Which one we should go? personal, I prefer inkscape one.

For menu items, we should keep something like these:

  Open Recent
  Save As

  Jump to Next Waypoint
  Clean and Reset

I agree.
I’m not natively english speaking but from what I remember from english lessons Titles and names are the only case when we have capital letters on every word (except small ones like the, or and Such) so your sugesstion to keep in menus and change in dialogs looks more polished.
I say go for it.

Agreed. I’d go for a major rename.
Thanks for your attention to these details :slight_smile:

Thanks eldruin, and there is a same issue for tooltips, see this thread for details

+1! good point, and thank you.