Sound Layer doesn't work properly :( [or FFMPEG?]

I’m trying to use the Sound Layer with an MP3, but it doesn’t work properly (at least, with that MP3 file). Context:

  • I am using Synfig Studio 1.0.2 on Windows 7.
  • I import the sound using File > Import…
  • The corresponding Sound Layer is created, with Delay = 0 & Volume = 1.
  • Moving the MP3 file to C:\ doesn’t change anything.

What happens:

  • The sound isn’t played when playing the animation in the canvas (well, not exactly: it’s played JUST ONCE… not exactly either: if the animation reaches the end, I can play the sound again only if I jump explicitly to 0f, not if I simply click Play —the animation then is played without sound—).
  • The animation is played OK, with sound, in the Preview Window. As many times as I want. Simply using its Play button.
  • When rendering to an FLV file, the resulting FLV can be played… but without sound. I need that FLV to be OK!

The MP3 file is a 5.5-second fragment, faded in and out, extracted with Audacity from a song downloaded from Jamendo. Using this original MP3, playing the animation in the canvas works OK (with sound), but the rendering to an FLV file is still soundless. :frowning:

Is FFMPEG or is Synfig Studio who is failing? VLC media player thinks there’s no audio track at all!

Any help?

Well, the FFMPEG seems to work fine. I have tried this:

/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Synfig/bin/ffmpeg.exe -i SoundlessFileRenderedBySynfig.flv -i AudioITryToAdd.mp3 -codec copy -shortest output.flv

And I have got in output.flv the animation with sound that I expected.

So it seems is Synfig Studio who is misbehaving!

Sound support in current renderer is not implemented (yet).

Are you sure?

I mean, does the sound support announced in via Sound Layer simply imply that you can see how the sound would fit in your animation but you still can’t produce the animation including it? I didn’t understand the bigram “good start” in the video that way! :frowning:

OTOH, there are issues in just playing some MP3 Sound Layers from the canvas. Should I open an issue in the corresponding tracker?

Oops, I see… [url]Rendering Sound]. :frowning:

Thanks for the info.

i have updated the wiki accordingly with links for merging sound and video.

Quite appropriate, d.j.a.y, thanks!