Some Technical Questions

Well done guys.i saw the clip called “eyes”. that was great ,specially animating i like that the most .
i got some questions from that clip if u don’t mind i like to ask :
1-how did u change the width of end of each vector .in case like that i personally use "Anime Studio vector system ?
2-the shape of shadow on the neck and underneath of jaw is vector loop am i right?
3-i suppose the back ground has been created by a 3d software like blender.Am i right? .personally this is how i create water in back ground.

You can show/hide the width ducks with ALT-5 or pressing the width duck toggle button in the canvas window. It would allow to drag the duck for width variation. Also the width tool will do similar effect but in an area.

I guess so.

In this case all was created by Synfig. :wink:

I guess that you can ask to obtain the source code of that clip to morevna’s people. Zelgadis is currently out of is computer so probably he will reply when come back.

Holy Lord !!! I cant beleave it :astonished: :open_mouth: !!!Synfig IS powerful. :wink:

The clouds and the sea come from this challenge entry.
Let me look for the sifz file …
Here it is: … creen.sifz
It is hard to render. You’re warned! :wink: