some layers are missed in 0.62.02

as attached jpeg shows, my installation of synfigstudio 0.62.02 (ms windows) version is missing Example layer category (Metaball, FilledRectangle and Simple Circle layers)

could you guys check on you computer?

if it is a bug, i will take time to submit a patch to sf later.
Screen shot 0100-02-20 at 18.58.05.JPG

It’s very likely a packaging issue. I have to manually add the examples to the files copied over. I suspect I either forgot to copy it, or forgot to add it to the list of layers that Synfig knows about. For the user, the fix is either to copy an extra file into a directory (…synfig/lib/synfig/modules/libexample.dll) or edit a text file (…synfig/etc/synfig_modules.cfg to add a line ‘example’ to the end of the file)(or both). You should be able to find the necessary dll from the 0.62.01 release. If needed, I’ll update the package.
I’ll take a look at it next week.