Some Lag when playing the animation

Hello, i have a problem with my animation : when I play it to see what’s the result of my work, the animation play but lag a lot, the progress bar lag while moving so the image is horrible to see. When I let the animation play multiple time, every time the lag stop a little bit more ( I have to play 4 times the animation to have a fluid image ).
I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s a performance problem but I can’t solve this and that’s annoying. Do someone know something about this ?

Depending the complexity of your animation, the buffering of rendered frames could be unsufficient and some frames will be skipped to maintain the correct framerate.
On the next play, only the non-rendered frame will be generated, that’s how it becomes better.
If really it is annoying, try to toggle the little cam on the right of the quality selector and the quality itself (Draft/Preview/Final)

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Yes It works better now, thank you !