Solvent. Draft for animation-short.

Let me show a draft for short cartoon. Here is acting characters from my few previous videos.
Video in russian. A plot based on misunderstanding: girl asked “how to remove a marker from the skin”, but guys understand her as “how to remove a marker from the leather”. That’s why because in russian for “skin” and “leather” using the same word.

Very nice synchro of voices and lips movement you did…
the character are alive enough…maybe missing some little more animation (eyes blink… hand in hairs…???) when they are listening (especially the left blond hair not you guy at 2/3 of the movie …)


Btw, lipsync was done by method described here: lipsync simple way. And girl speaks with exactly same mouth layer.

At 2/3 is the time for girl to show emotions about advises given to her. I tried to animate left guy but found it bad. It looks not good to have two equilibrium center in the same shot.

Here is final draft of this cartoon:

Next should be release.