[Solved] Waypoints are not displayed in timetreck panel

Working with mmbstudios, tutorial basics - animation for absolute beginners using spline tool.
Trying to change a rectangle into a heart shape.
Make a red rectangle. Change to spline tool, change color to white and created a freehand rectangle and select “loop spline” to close it.
Enter animation mode, red running man, and begin to change shape of the rectangle.
All handles are displayed and move according to the tutorial. However, Waypoints are not displayed. Clamped is set.
As I understand, when an object is modified on an existing layer, a waypoint is created.
I feel this is a setting someplace since waypoints were displayed in the previous “getting started” tutorial.
Using Chromebook, Linux GalliumOS, and Synfig Ver: 1.2.1
Thanks for the help.

I have figured it out, waypoints are being properly displayed and everything is behaving properly.

What was the problem?
It could help somebody who searches for the same problem in the forum :wink:

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I am somewhat embarrassed about the post. Being impatient, frustrated, and not really paying attention to what was selected in the layers panel. The specific problem, I think was not having the proper layer selected and therefore the Waypoints were not displayed as I expected them. Lesson learned.

Don’t be, you are not the only one to have been tricked by a wrong selection :wink:

:slight_smile: As BobSynfig said, no problem.
Other software show the timeline for the entire scene; Synfig don’t (yet?).