[Solved] Warning: rejected filename for a brush image


I’m completely new to Synfig. Next year I have to teach some tools & I am looking for a free replacement for Flash. So I’m taking a look at Synfig. My first .SIF file represents just four objects: a couple of circles, one rectangle & an object resulting from using the Brush Tool. After saving & closing, I try to reopen the .SIF, but I get a warning:

Looking into the .SIF source, I find out that my brush-created object is not completely described there, but the source relies in a .PNG file:

I haven’t created that image file explicitly. Moreover, I’m not sure about Synfig havíng created it on its own. What I’m sure about is: neither Synfig nor I are able to find it (just in case it exists).

Who is doing something wrong? Synfig or I? How can I solve this problem?

I have installed the program today, the 1.0 version for 64-bit Windows. My OS is Windows 7.

What can I do?



PS: BTW, how can I insert blank spaces at the beginning of a text line in this forum? For indenting my name, for instance.

I currently think that the Brush Tool is not designed for painting on the canvas or creating an external image file, but for modifying a previously imported one. So I think Synfig Studio misbehaves when letting me use the tool without having imported an image file.

Hello fprat and welcome here …

look like your problem come from the fact you have embedded images but you have saved your project with a “bad” synfig file format … in your case, you should select .sfg.

So it was ME, not Synfig, the misbehaving one! :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ve just tried SFG and I have seen how it works.

However, maybe a warning when trying to save in SIF format (or SIFZ) would be useful, at least for beginners.

Thanks again!

can you create an enhancement entry to the synfig bug tracker : synfig.org/issues/thebuggenie/synfig

I’ve done my best: http://www.synfig.org/issues/thebuggenie/synfig/issues/885