[Solved] Undesired rendered video

I am rendering my animation to avi format.

My render settings is this and when I render my animation, the video looks like this:-

As you can see many elements are seen as they are outside, i wanted video in which as you can see the green part only. What should I do to achieve this?

Did you change the Image Area?

I was just experimenting and changed a bit in Image Area options. How I can change it to default? What are default options? Can you please tell me?

I think you want to match the properties of the canvas with the render settings.
If you press F8 to open the properties, you can copy the image area values from there.
(defaults for me are TopLeft(-16,9),BottomRight(16-9), Size(1920,1080))


Or create a new doc and check the default values :wink:

Thanks for support to all. Synfig Forums are very friendly. Issue has been resolved.