[Solved] Problems with rendering quality.

Hello folk!
also setting a maximum quality rendering, video avi I get is always of low quality …

To understand, I add a picture of comparison.


This is the most I can give Synfigstudio?
How can I improve the quality of my rendering?


What do you mean by maximum ? we doesn’t have a magic ball… please, be explicit … target / options / os & synfig version could help also …

Did you take a look to wiki.synfig.org/Doc:Rendering_Walk_Through ?

Nota : how to report effectively a bug.

Sorry for the delay and for the missing info.

My Synfig studio in ver.1.0.2 and “maximum” means set 1 on the quality bar in render window.

However, I saw that increasing the size of the canvas(to a 1280x720) also improves the resolution and thus rendering video and the result you get is satisfactory.

Thanks fo your attention!

Thanks to your post I have solved the rendering problem by increasing the canvas size 1280x720 and now it’s perfect!!