(Solved) PNG sequence in Blender?

Not sure if it’s doable, but any tricks or method’s just fine with me. I know we can use a video for a texture, but is there a method to import PNG sequence to Blender? I ask this because I want to preserve the quality and alpha.

I mean both in Video Sequencer and as a movable object.

Hello tushantin
for video editing, look here in the wiki.blender:

Sorry for the delay, I have not had time to use your pictures. I’ll do it today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hmm that’s strange… I tried the same thing with Blender 2.54 and was unable to import the entire sequence. Anyway, how do I apply image sequence as a texture to a plane, though? That is, one sequence per frame as a texture?

And no problem! I’ll be drawing some environment art till then. XD

EDIT: Nevermind, got it. Simply select “Movie/Sequence” where you specify the source.