(solved) No timeline in RC4 canvas?

I’m not sure if this is true of version 1.0 in general but I’m working with RC4 and there seems to be no timeline when I’m editing a canvas. How do I create a re-useable animation if there is no timeline in the canvas? Has the technique for using a canvas changed?

In the lower left corner of the canvas window, next the current time numbers is a green-blueish toggle timebar icon. Click it to hide/unhide the timeline in the canvas.

Thanks but I don’t see any such icon when viewing the canvas nor do I see any current time numbers. Those things only appear when I’m viewing the main animation window. I’ve attached a screen shot while viewing a canvas.

Note: This image is RC3 but the same problem exists with RC4


I suspect a duration=0 property document …is in’t it ?

You can check wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Timebar for more infos …

Yes. That solves my problem. When creating a new animation, by default the duration is 5s. It never occurred to me that by default a canvas would start out with a duration of 0s even if the group from which the canvas was created, already contained waypoints.


Thanks for both the question & the answer. I was looking for the exported canvas timeline too, and I didn’t find it either. In Synfig 1.0.