[SOLVED] Lst file from Papagayo crashes synfig

lipsync_lst.zip (55,8,KB)

Please, can someone test my lip sync file from papagayo? It´s aways crashing Synfig (all versions!) at specific frames…

Thank you!

I tested here and it crashes too.
It shouldn’t crash at all, but I saw an error: the .lst file points to MBP file, but you provides a MPB.jpg instead.

How dumb I am! Thank you so much, Rodolfo!

Obrigado, Rodolfo! Acho que eu estou muito cansado! :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Synfig shouldn’t crash anyway…
But, at a glance, I couldn’t discover the crash reason :confused:

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Its working now! but synfig should handle this error without crashing and offering some helpful information to the user.

Thank you for your contributions to synfig development!

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I believe I fixed it now :slight_smile:

If a frame throws an exception/error, Synfig shows its message:

These changes are here:

A bug-fixed release will be available… who knows when :slight_smile:


Amazing, Rodolfo!

Thank you for your support and for improving Synfig! Do you have an Amazon wish list? Christmas is coming! :christmas_tree:


No, I don’t have one :wink:

This issue is already fixed in v1.4.1.

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