[SOLVED] Linking nodes/shapes across different groups

Here is a (manually animated) example of what I would like to achieve:

(example project attached)

I would like the linking blue lines to stay connected to their respective corners even if I translate, rotate, and distort the shape of each object.
The real project I’m working on has much more complex shapes than these triangles, so manual animation just won’t cut it.

I have been going through documentation today to try to get it to work - I’ve tried this basic linking approach, the Sewing Splines tutorial and others like Point to One Object (which I couldn’t get to work at all with either approach, though I was following word-for-word?). I’ve been reading through other parts of the Manual but I haven’t been able to find the right solution.
I believe that the simple linking approach (Select two nodes, Right Click> Link) isn’t working because I have my objects in different groups.

Does anyone else have experience doing this, or is there a good tutorial that could help me to achieve the desired effect?
linkedobjects.sifz (8.33 KB)


unfortunatelu you can’t link good something in diferent groups. You need first to craete everything in one group then link what you need and after that group triangles with masks and lines. You don’t need to animate everything manualy.

You just need to group lines and triangles
triangles.sifz (2.98 KB)

Hi Majkel, fantastic, that helps a lot! I was really stuck but this explanation has saved me a lot of time and effort.
I animated the file you provided, and then grouped the triangles, set their blend mode to multiply, and it created the correct effect:

I will mark this thread as SOLVED.
Thank you!

I am happy that i could help you. This is simple maethod but it work. You can first group layers and then animate them.
No problem :wink: