[SOLVED] Link to Spline question

Hi all,
I am trying to complete my first animation ever, it’s heartbeat monitor (EKG). Basically it’s a green dot that leaves a track similar to hear rate curve on black background.
I’ve followed instructions in these topics from forum (creating spline, linking object to spline, moving width points, animating them):
[url]make point that leave track on some path]
[url]Animation on Maps]
and succeed to create basic animation, but I have difficulties linking dot to the final spline, it jumps up and doesn’t want to merge with origin of the curve. I’ve tried the same operation with line that had less vertexes and it worked just fine.
Would you please help me to solve this issue?
I should admit that I am still completely new to Synfig, its logic and ideas behind and have never worked with animation before (yet I work freely with Inkscape).
Thank you all in advance!
slow_w_dot.sifz (3.07 KB)

The problem was that you moved all green line with position handle (that little green circle). You need to delete that green line and create new, link circle to spline, if you want to move it without broking better group circle and line and move a group.
I hope i helped you, i give an example.
slow_w_dot.sifz (4.21 KB)

Hi, Majkel,
Thank you very much for answer and example, it helped!
I reset origin values instead of deleting line, linked to spline, grouped and then moved to the right place.