[Solved] Is there any way to export animation to cocos2d-x

Hello all
i just found this app and i find it to be great .
i tried to find any info about ways to export the animation data to 2d gaming frameworks like Cocos2d-x
without luck .
so my question is does any attempts has bean made to to such export if not , where should i start to build one .

Use png_sprite target when export the animation. It would export a sprite sheet vertically aligned. It is very common to import game assets in that way.

Similarly, is there a way to export the frames into individual files, say png? If not, does a “sprite split” tool exist? (I hunted for a while, but no luck.)

EDIT: Please disregard! … didn’t realize that just rendering to png does this :blush: (Had assumed doing a png on an animation just did one file, like a screen shot … oh, well, RTFM :laughing: )