[Solved] I can't build synfig studio in archlinux

Cordial greeting friends from synfig studio. I have tried to build synfig from the master branch, debug and testing on github and it has not been possible for me. The following error appears in the terminal:

synfig (synfig (148704) 148703) [21:05:21] [21:05:21] caution caution:: Cannot open ./synfig_modules.cfgCannot open ./synfig_modules.cfg

synfig (synfig (148704148703) [21:05:21]) Caution: Cannot open /home/archy/.local/share/synfig/synfig_modules.cfg
[21:05:21] Caution: Cannot open /home/archy/.local/share/synfig/synfig_modules.cfg
/ home / archy / synfig-code / testing / synfig-testing / _production / build / bin / synfig / home / archy / synfig-code / testing / synfig-testing / _production / build / bin / synfig:: Caution Caution:: Impossible find module “mod_libavcodec” (file not found) Cannot find module “mod_libavcodec” (file not found)

mkdir 22x22
synfig --quiet /home/archy/synfig-code/testing/synfig-testing/synfig-studio/images/synfig_icon.sif -o 22x22 / synfig_icon.png --time 0f -w 22 -h 22
synfig (148722) [21:05:22] caution: Cannot open ./synfig_modules.cfg
synfig (148722) [21:05:22] Caution: Cannot open /home/archy/.local/share/synfig/synfig_modules.cfg
/ home / archy / synfig-code / testing / synfig-testing / _production / build / bin / synfig: caution: Cannot find module “mod_libavcodec” (file not found)

I tried to make the build work by uninstalling the ffmpeg from my system and installing a version equal to or greater than 3.0. As an issue says with a similar old error in github, but this didn’t work either.

I use the Archlinux operating system. Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.

I can’t get any problem by the log :frowning: . Did you follow the steps of https://synfig-docs-dev.readthedocs.io/en/latest/common/building.html ?

Hi Rodolforg, thank you very much for answering. I have followed step by step what the building instructions say. I even tried both 2-build-debug.sh and 2-build-producction.sh. Previously I did the process of reviewing dependencies with 1setup-linux-native.sh. I obtained the source code by cloning it with git and also downloading it in zip. But I always get the same error. I also found in a previous issue of github a similar error and they recommended to correct that a version of ffmpeg = <3.5 be installed and I did it by building and installing it from Aur de archlinux but the problem persisted.
I hope the information is useful. Thank you very much friend. I also tried different branches (master, debug and testing).

I tested build on latest Manjaro a week ago, and all was builds fine.

“Cannot open …synfig_modules.cfg” - this is just a warning, and i plan to make it less annoying.
I can’t see the real error, so it would be nice if you could attach more data from the build log.

Hi Ice0. I compiled it again. I did it with 2-build-production.sh and the compilation was successful. I don’t know if it could have influenced the fact that today there was an update available in Archlinux of ffmpeg, exactly version 1: 4.2.2-2, or the last commit to the master branch that is made by you. Anyway thank you very much friend. I hope that at least the information is helpful in some way.

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