[SOLVED] Export Different Scales

EDIT: Solution:
Animation -> Settings -> Others -> ONLY Check “Image Aspect” and DE-Check all the other checkboxes.
Thus, when you Change the Canvas-Size, you also change the size of the content remaining in the same relation to the canvas!


I’m new here, and completely new to synfig.

I am using synfig for creation of assets for our Android-Game, we currently make for the University.

So, Synfig is pretty intuitive at some points…
However, I cannot figure out (and didn’t find ANYTHING about it on the internet), how to export my Vector-Paintings at different scales.
I need every frame in different sizes:
once 100150 Pixels, once 150225, then 200300, then 300450 and 400*600.

I did this for a first attempt by hands, but this is not good at all, because, everytime I change the canvas-size in the animation-settings to one of those formats, my vectors still remain in the same size, and they are even not at the same place, so I have to move my Vector-Painted Stuff BY HAND to a specific position (Everytime I aim for another format).

Thus The image I want to export, has NOT THE SAME SIZE (in relation to the canvas) AND
It is slightly displaced.

This means, I just CAN’T make the animation for every of those formats, because it would come out waggery (because not every frame would have the same origin-coordinates).

I really Hope somebody can give me CLEAR instructions, of how to make this going.

I also give you example images, where you can even see the differences, if you look closely.

Hope my problem is clear :slight_smile:
If you know scripts to achieve this, or how to basically write one: I would be grateful, but please post a full code or package^^


PS: I don’t want to export it at the biggest size, and then downscale it with another program; tried this and it really loses quality doing so!!!


I haven’t read your post in detail, but I think this information can be helpful:

wiki.synfig.org/Render_dialog#Re … eep_aspect

Now, when I resize my drawings using that interface, sometimes I made mistakes, because, for me, it’s confusing check and uncheck those parameters. But at the end, I manage to resize the canvas and the artwork to my requirements. So, be patient, and pay attention to the wiki/ manual.


Thanks mate!!

This actually helped, that I’ve got ALL I wanted in that long post :laughing:

Didn’t search for “Render”, just for “Export”-stuff… :unamused:


PS: Didn’t find out how to mark a topic as SOLVED, pls somebody do that for me? :laughing:

just edit the first post title and prefix with [SOLVED]

does this doc page is “easy” to understand for a beginner ? anything to rewrite/clarify ?

I’m not good in explaining things^^ So I let this remain. However, I think it is clear due to the solution.