[Solved] Document not well-formed error

I have a .sifz file I’ve been working on lately which was working like a charm but today when I try to open it via file>import or just by double clicking it gives the following error:

[code]Unable to load “/home/blabla/ok.sifz”:

Document not well-formed.[/code]

And when I try to export via Linux terminal that project I get following lines:

$ synfig ok.sifz synfig(5216) [09:53:56] info: Loading modules from /opt/synfig/etc/synfig_modules.cfg /opt/synfig/bin/synfig: warning: Unable to find module "mod_mng" (file not found) /opt/synfig/bin/synfig: warning: Unable to find module "mod_openexr" (file not found) /opt/synfig/bin/synfig: warning: Unable to find module "mod_libavcodec" (file not found) synfig(5216) [09:53:56] info: Loading file: ok.sifz :1980: parser error : Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0xD3 0x30 0x26 0x23 <param name="transformation" use="`�0&#10;#:we"/> ^ synfig(5216) [09:53:56] error: Standard Exception: Document not well-formed. Unable to load file 'ok.sifz'.

How can I rescue my project?

p.s. I checked old threads but they seem irrelevant to my problem.

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Seems like something bad happened when Synfig was trying to write the file. Maybe a crash?

Anyway, to fix it we need your ok.sifz file, because now it’s hard to tell in which condition the file is. Please, upload the file if it’s acceptable for you.

I downloaded my daily backup so I don’t need the fix anymore but still I don’t know the solution if it happens again. If it will be for community good (like bug research) I can upload, if you will just fix it I don’t need a fix anymore, but thanks for your time.

Good to know you had a backup. If something like this happens again you can try to fix it manually with the following instructions:

  1. SIFZ format is just a zipped XML file, so rename the file to .zip.
  2. Extract it.
  3. You’ll see a file without extension, open it with any XML editor.
  4. Find a problem line (Synfig will tell you the line number).
  5. Fix the problem. Usually, it isn’t hard, because XML is pretty human-readable so look for some trash in values, extremely big/low parameters, messed tags, etc.
  6. Save file and rename it to .sif.
  7. Open with Synfig and if everything is OK save it back as .sifz.