[Solved] Creating a gradient of blur


I have a simple question : is it possible to apply a gradient to a blur, meaning the blur intensity decreasing vertically for instance ?
I am quite sure it is doable but I can’t figure out so far how to make it :S.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, good day or night.

Yes, is possible create a gradient like a blur, you must do this.

I will gradient blur this character

·1 duplicate the thing that you want to gradient blur in this case the folder group, and create a Blur layer

·2 Group the blur layer with the duplicate

·3 then: One: Create a Gradient with any colors inside that group. Two: go to edit the color of the gradient in the options pannel. Three: change the Alpha from 100 to 0 for one that colors and close.

·4 ajust the gradient options like: Position, range and strength


Thanks a lot @lobozamora :blush:

In the mean time, I found a workaround for what I need : I simply animate the gradient and make its amount go from x to 0 ! TEST_BLUR