[Solved] Colour picker has disappeared

When I first installed Synfig there was a colour picker below the ‘tools’. Whilst ‘exploring’ the application I clicked on the ‘Toolbox’ option under the ‘Window’ drop-down menu item. This removed the entire panel containing the ‘Toolbox’ and the colour picker. After a lot of searching around I managed to bring the ‘Toolbox’ back but the colour picker was gone and for the life-of-me I can’t seem to get it back. I’ve even been as far as uninstalling the application, using AVG tune-up to clear up any temporary files, shutting my laptop down, then starting it back up and reinstalling the application - and yet after all that it was still missing. I have also installed the 32-bit option - to no success, however installing the application on another - much older laptop - the colour picker was visible. I have attached an image

that I hope demonstrate the issue further. Please help me! I am very frustrated!!! :frowning:!


Is it maybe hiding at the end of the dock?


I added an issue for developers (https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues/1887), so this behavior will be fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes! Doh! Got it back now. Thank you for your help.

how did you solve it please tell me too

Scroll up, the fix was shared by @flurick

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thank you so much sir :slight_smile: I love your channel.

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