[Solved] Color bug

Hello, I installed Synfig today and I try to use it. But here seems to be a bug, because all is white.

I take a screenshot.

Moreover, examples are white too.

I hope you could help me, thanks :wink:

Check out this: Menu>Edit>Preferences>Gamma
Be sure the three gamma sliders are set to 2.2

They are set :wink:

Please report the bug on the tracker and inform about OS version, Synfig Studio version and computer used.

I see you run under Windows 10, so you surely had the automatic upgrade.
Did you try to reinstall your graphic card drivers ?
Sometimes upgrades can break color profiles, color channels and hardware acceleration.

all of my drivers are up-to-date. But I have an old laptop ( ~6 years old) and maybe new updates aren’t availables.


I’m having the same problem, but I’m running Windows 7. I was thinking it might be a conflict with the GPU. I’m on an AMD build with an ATI GPU. What do you have?

Black level in the Gamma setup should be 0 and not 100 percent. :bulb:

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That did the trick! Thank you so much!

ploup, in da faq now.