[SOLVED] button size is so large I have little room to work

See attached screen shot.

Sort of a nit-picky question. I am running synfigstudio 1.0.2 on archlinux. There are 4 buttons that form a cross at the top of each panel which I circled with red in the screenshot. The buttons don’t seem to do anything when I click on them and I can’t find a way to resize them. They are very large and that cause lots of screen space to be used for very little purpose. For example if the title bar over the animation were only as tall as the words “Synfig Animation 1” I would gain about an inch of usable screen space all the way across the monitor.

Can these be resized? I haven’t found a name for these buttons or a description of there usage in the documentation yet, so I couldn’t do a very good job searching the forum to see if this had been asked before, sorry if it has already been answered.

Hi and Welcome,
this topic has been already talked about a lot in this forum, see my signature :wink:

Thanks! I installed the breeze theme and added:

alias synfigstudio=‘GTK_THEME=Breeze synfigstudio’

so my .bashrc. It looks so much better now.