[Solved] Build Error: After writing a new plugin

I am trying to write a new plugin for synfig. I made a new directory(“x”) in the path synfig-studio/plugins/, and wrote Makefile.am, plugin.xml.in and x.py.
Then I made proper changes to synfig-studio/plugins/Makefile.am, but while building I get this error
/bin/sh: 21: cd: can't cd to x
Makefile:430: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed
Can anyone help me with this.

P.S. : I have set my directory permission as drwxr-xr-x

Okay, got it.
So I didn’t put the Makefile in the synfig-studio/configure.ac. Hence in the build, the directory x was not created.
After doing the above, it works like a charm.

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Please keep dev topics in corresponding section.
“Support” is dedicated to Synfig itself.

Oh Sorry for the confusion. I 'll take care of this in future!

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