[Solved] Blend Method:Alpha over (several areas)

I have successfully used the Blend method of Alpha Over to have my character hide behind a tree, or pop up in a window. Where I am having trouble is if the window has been quartered with four separate panes of glass. If I follow the steps for using Alpha Over, everything works for the first pane of glass.

As soon as I add more regions for the other panes, changing the Blend method breaks my scene.

What further steps do I need to include to have multiple Alpha Over regions my character can hide behind or show up in?

As always, thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can give.

Did you check the (old) Wiki?

Yes, that is where I learned to mask (with a single “window”).
My question remains the same. How do I mask with several windows? I’ve tried different groupings with no success.

here I have made four regions with composite blend method, grouped inside a group with alpha-over applied to the rest of the window (but not the man this time). this entire group is then just composited over the red man. If I have mssed your point, I’d be happy to try a few things with your example file, which is pretty easy to upload via the edit window here.
windowpanes.sifz (15.1 KB)


Just a small tip rather than using a circle and increasing it’s size to fit the canvas, just add a Solid Color layer.
Right Click in Layer’s Panel → Geometry → Solid Color

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Thank you so much. A quick demo is so much better than trying to explain.
Thank you again.

No problem. I remember having to wrestle this same problem for a long time some years ago.

I thought about it for a while, and so here’s another way to do it using “invert” “straight-onto” and a lot less grouping.
windowpanes2.sifz (20.6 KB)

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