[SOLVED] "Black" waypoints


I am working on a small project, but like often, after some time, I get confused with the amount of waypoints, keyframes, etc…
I decided to split my animation in different scenes that I will eventually merge (hopefully). So, I copy-pasted a group of layers from my main animation file into another Synfig file.

Now, I have those “black waypoints”, I guess inherited from the previous file, that I cannot delete. It also affects also the modifications in the non-animated mode.

Any idea how I could get rid of those black waypoints ? (or any advice related to an efficient way to proceed). Thank for your help.

I encountered this similar issue while working on an animation file and like you, I had to eventually split my animation into parts but alas those black/grayed-out waypoints are not deletable. The best you can do is just leave them as they are and instead work on your desired isolated animation.

On Synfig, we think we are only copying the layers but it actually copies every information about the layers too. These include waypoints and keyframes :frowning:

These days, I plan ahead (animate in parts or animate in whole) before diving into animation.

Could you please provide an example file to I investigate it?

IIRC Black octagonal waypoints are those with unknown interpolation type.

There is the file where I have imported the “SCENE_4” from another synfig file

SCENE_4.sifz (23,0 Ko)

I removed the ones you don’t need. You’ll only see two black ones when you click on the ‘SCENE_4’ folder, but watch this video for the explanation of the black waypoints. You can right click on them to change the keyframe type so you won’t see them:
SCENE_4_UPDATED.sifz (22.4 KB)

Thanks a lot @Khemardi !