[SOLVED] Animation - moving along the path

I followed this tutorial : What is Synfig Studio? (Basics Animation Tutorial)

I can’t find out the small circle to make the animation of moving aling the path, please see the screen cupture of the tutorial:

Could anybody help please?

Thanks and good day.

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Hi G.

I guess you want to add a circle object, then link it to your bline…
Select both objects, then right click on the bline and select “link”.
It should do !


In the video he instructs you to press alt+5 to make the handles appear.
Those are width handles used to increase or decrease the width of an outline.
Also in the icon bar where the black shape with the purple dot is (in the screenshot above the 100 mark of the ruler) you can see it change the background color if you click on it.
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Hello Estard,
Thanks for your reply.
In fact,

  1. I pressed Alt+5, but there is no the small circle handles appear.
  2. When I press alt+5, a toolbar appears, but there is no those Cusp fonctions.
    Please see attached picture.
    My Synfig version is 1.2.2. is there any modification from the tutorial version?

Thanks and kind regards

Hello Ginglebell,
Alt+5 is just a shortcut, you can simply click the right symbol in the tool bar above the animation window.
It’s the black symbol with the purple dot. I attached an image on where to find it.

Feel free to ask, if you have further questions

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Thanks Estard.
Good day!