Software is running very bad for me.

I have been working with synfig for about a month now and just started my first animation. Simple animations with few layers run smooth and don’t seem to have any issues. My new project already has about a hundred layers and is running very badly. When i wan’t to play a animation it stutters alot and i can barely see my progress. If i play the animation a few times it becomes smoother every time but the more i play it the higher the chances are of synfig crashing . When it crashes and i recover the animation, it doesn’t save completely or it recovers it only half way :cry: . It is nearly impossible to continue my animation. My Hardware is very good and putting synfig on low resolution doesn’t help. If anybody has suggestions to make my synfig more stable and run smoother i would be very thankful. :neutral_face:

Divide you animations in smaller pieces. Do not render static backgrounds until final render. Work only in one shot each time, no more than 5 seconds.
Disable effects if they aren’t animated (blur, etc) and only enable at final render.


Maybe use preview instead. Sure, rendering will still take time, but once the frames are rendered they play smoothly.

I just noticed the “Re-preview” button on the Preview Window, unluckily this button pops-up the Preview Options dialog instead of using the previously used options. One could keep the preview window open (maybe minimized) and then press the Re-preview button to check the animation.

Or maybe we could have a “Quick Preview” button, which immediately pops-up the preview window (using last used preview options), waits for render to finish and then starts playback automatically.

Could be a good enhancement to have a kind of proxy for already calculated (and not changed) images … what do you think ? buggenie ?

Thank you! That does help alot :smiley: . Also what bothers alot is when i move layers into other groups or out of a group the shape seems to re size and move to a other location. Is there a solution to that or is that still being worked on? Thanks for your replies.

That’s the way it works. A group can transform (translate, rotate, scale) its content so when you drop in or out objects they are affected by the group transformation .

Makes sense. Thanks allot for your time.